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Learn more about Green Light Aid Publicado 13 de Agosto, 2021 Green Light Aid and Development is a non-profit corporation registered in New Mexico, USA. The homologous organization in Honduras is known as Luz Verde Honduras. Green Light and Luz Verde provide direct aid and advocacy to inmates and staff at prisons in Honduras. By working in prisons, we support the rule of law, and also provide aid that supports public security, public health and human rights in Honduras. Luz Verde works with volunteers from civil society in our headquarters in La Ceiba, Honduras, including lawyers, health care volunteers, social workers, psychologists, and other community members. We work with local businesses to sponsor major improvements to the buildings and facilities at our primary site in El Porvenir, Honduras. We accept donations via Paypal, cash or check, and most major transfer services. You can also visit our Amazon links to designate Green Light Aid as a charity recipient for the Amazon Smile program. Our Amazon charity links also contain a shopping list option, if you would like to purchase items directly to be delivered to the prison. More than 90% of all donations are used to provide direct aid to prisons.
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